tisdag 8 december 2009

The Planet (2006)

If you are trying to make a movie without just about any resources at all, you should sit down and plan ahead. That is the biggest problem with many lowbudget movies today where you can instantly see that the movie was shot scene by scene over a long period of time without any continuity or any sense of a plot. The Planet, clearly a looow budget movie, is exactly what it should be, a coherent story. Shot for 8000 pounds in ten days on a beach in Scotland, this is a movie with great ambitions and the smarts to pull it off. Somehow in the process you end up with a movie with more heart than the last five George Lucas movies.

The movie starts like every other scifimovie does, with a spaceship on route to its destination. This spaceship has a cargo of one, a condemned terrorist. Of course, we cant have this, eh? So the spaceship is attacked and shot down on a desertplanet with only a handful of survivors, including the prisoner. It doesnt take long before they are attacked by something that comes out of dead bodies, something that their plasmaweapons cant harm.

Not that The Planet is a masterpiece. It isnt. It is a scottish scifi/horror movie made on very limited resources with a plot that is somewhat similar to Pitch Black and a desertplanet which is very clearly a beach somewhere in Scotland. Still, the environments work fine and the plot has some rather interesting elements, a decent twist or two and plays out to an effective conclusion. The special effects are mostly very well made, except for the space battle in the beginning which is rather Babylon 5ish, though its action is well filmed. The actors are ok, and for some reason hammy acting sounds better in a scottish dialect. I think this movie is clearly best enjoyed if you are aware of what little resources the filmmakers had but it is still a decent little movie. I like it's ambitions and look forward to what the filmakers are up to next.

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